Sign of Spring: Harutsugegusa

Sign of Spring: Harutsugegusa

The Morikami Museum’s annual spring festival “Hatsume” has become well known in Florida. This year the two day celebration will be March 19th and 20th. There is no Hatsume festival in Japan; however, if you know the meaning of the word, you would certainly appreciate and understand the naming of this celebration. Some readers who studied Japanese will figure out that “Hatsume” is the spring festival. The character of “hatsu” means the first or new, and “me” means a bud. Certainly, Floridians are enjoying soft warm spring weather. 

Gorgeous Japanese cherry blossoms are a sign of spring in Washington D.C. The National Cherry Blossom Festival will be March 26-April 10 this year.

Cherry blossoms in Japan, sakura, are beautiful in April, but there is an equally beautiful blossom enjoyed by Japanese and visiting foreigners at the end of February and early March before sakura bloom. These blossoms (pictured below) are a sign of spring in Japan. 

Guess the name of this tree!

Can you guess the name of this tree pictured? 

*Japanese call the blossom “harutsugegusa.” These three Japanese characters are spring, tell and plant, which translates as “sign of spring.” However, this is not a commonly known name.

*The plant is known by a number of different names in English. One of them is Japanese apricot.

*The tree originated in South China.

If you find out the name of tree, send your answer quick. The first to respond will receive  a pair of tickets to Hatsume Fair!

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