We Want You!

If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to go behind the scenes at a Morikami festival, or if you’re searching for a fun way to give back, search no further – volunteering at Lantern Festival gets you Morikami insider status and most of all, supports yours truly!

Volunteer responsibilities range from lantern building to helping out in the galleries and everything in between. We’re looking for individuals, small groups and large groups to help us make Lantern Festival a success. Volunteers are the backbone of our programs and events, so we thank you in advance for being such an integral part in this celebration.

Want to see what you’re in for? Check out the gallery below for snapshots of our volunteers in action and head over to our festival volunteer page to fill out an application. We’ll see you in October!


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Meet Morikami’s Marketing Mavens

Ever wonder about the people behind the curtains? The ones who make stuff happen?

I get to work with these people every day. So it’s really nice to see them recognized in a big, public way for all the work they do to keep The Morikami “front and center” with the audiences who love it.

Last Thursday, The Morikami Museum and Japanese Gardens was one of two recipients of a county-wide tourism award, The Providencia. The honor recognizes stellar efforts to bring visitors to Palm Beach County and boost Florida’s economic life-blood.

Well, it takes a team of dedicated people to create programs, like Sushi & Stroll, Strolls for Well-Being and Oshogatsu/Hatsume/Bon, that keep folks coming back. It’s that same team that has to advertise, Facebook, work with media and keep the website booming, so people know what’s going on, when and why they should come.

Pictured below are four women on that team who made The Providencia a win for the museum this year. From the left, meet Jamie Russell, the new marketing and events coordinator; Kizzy Sanchez, marketing and events manager, and Kristina Schmidt, online marketing point person. Below them is the grand master, Director of Advancement Amy Hever.

Please give the people behind the curtain a round of applause. They rock!

Jamie Russell, Kizzy Sanchez and Kristina Schmidt

Amy Hever

Director of Advancement Amy Hever