We Never Get Tired of Toys!

The new exhibit at the Morikami, which runs through October 17, is a throwback to a simpler, gentler time, when monsters came in the form of giant lizards or creatures from outer space that tore up cities with their giant feet and laser rays.

What fun!

Kaijū! Monster Invasion! features more than 100 toy figurines from the 60s, 70s, and 80s, inspired by Japanese tokusatsu films and TV shows. Remember Godzilla terrorizing the people, as they ran from his fire-breathing wrath? Before the days of 3D animation, CGI and other digital effects, it was a stuntman, in what was probably a really hot rubber suit, moving about on a miniature set. Back then, the special effects were called tokusatsu eiga, typically using an fx technique called sutsumeishon, or suitmation.

While my teenage sons might not be impressed by it, it seemed real enough and scary enough to me. (I was born in 1968; you do the math.)

The popularity of the show, which opened June 1, is already evidenced by the 100-plus hits the Morikami’s video  garnered on YouTube in only three days. Visitors, bloggers and sci-fi lovers are appreciating the loveable charm of Kaijū! Monster Invasion!

I mean, seriously, who gets tired of toys? No matter the age or gender, everyone can relate to a good, plastic action figure ready to tear apart the city in your imagination. The show is actually part of one person’s extensive, private collection, so just consider it playtime with culture – over at the house of the friend who has the really good toy box.

To see Tom Gregersen, senior curator of the Morikami, explain the delightful allure of Kaijū! Monster Invasion!, click here.

Kaiju! Monsters!

Morikami Museum Store Preps for the Holidays

Sometimes, attention is unexpected… and really nice.

The beautiful Charles Albert jewelry that The Morikami Museum Store always carries is featured in the October issue of Boca Raton Magazine in some lovely spreads, which has led to unexpected attention and requests. If you love gorgeous sterling silver and mother of pearl combinations, then check out the goods before they’re gone. (Don’t worry, Store Manager Sallie Chisholm can always order more.)

Also in time for the holidays are Piperoids. Take the cartoonish neon looks of anime, throw in the robot-ish adventure of Transformers® and add the folding fun of origami, and you’ve got the newest toys to grace the shelves of the Morikami Museum Store.

Sallie has added Piperoids – combination of “pipes” and “androids” – to the Morikami Museum’s wide selection of young-at-heart retail items for the 2009 holiday shopping season. The paper robot craft kits require just a pair of scissors for any one to make Japanese-style characters that battle each other. With names like Guyzer & Bean, Muscle Joe and Penk & Goriborg, the Piperoids are sold in a one-piece package for $12 and two-piece packages for $15.

Check them out online at www.morikami.org.  They are really cool, if you’re into brightly-colored, fold-em-up and play-with-them-for-hours type of  stuff.

Jewelry sold in the Morikami Museum Store was featured in Oct. Boca Mag

Jewelry sold in the Morikami Museum Store was featured in Oct. Boca Mag

Piperoids make their debut at The Morikami Museum Store

Piperoids make their debut at The Morikami Museum Store